Illuminating the beautiful game

Illuminating the beautiful game

Here at How to Watch Football our mission is to give fans a window into the hidden world of football – the game behind the headlines.

Whether you’re a season ticket holder, home and away devotee, or an armchair fan or manager there is a common hunger amongst everyone who lives and breathes football to experience the game like players, scouts, coaches and managers do.

We can’t promise that How to Watch Football will put you in the dug-out, on the field or in the dressing room but we hope to take you very, very close to the action indeed, arming you with info and insights that will reveal a hitherto unknown game and allow you to further enjoy what your watching in vivid technicolor rather than black and white.

Our Goals

The How to Watch Football website should be the first stop for fans who want to understand more about the game we all love, We want to broaden the debate – bring football's unsung heroes into the conversation, dish out credit where it is due and criticism where merited.

The site is powered by genuine football people: working scouts and journalists with authentic football experience.

Our independence and that hard-won game knowledge allied to our insiders’ access to otherwise hidden or unusual stories and people means that our readers get to see the game anew, encounter different viewpoints and enjoy a consistency of focus you simply won’t find anywhere else.

About our Writers

Greg Gordon

Greg Gordon is a scout and journalist whose work has appeared in The FT, The Observer, The Sunday Times and many other leading publications over the last 20 years. Greg writes and has written next opponent and player reports for Scottish league clubs for over a decade. He also provides player reports for clubs in other territories. A great advocate of scout education, Greg is a member of The Professional Football Scouts Association, the professional body that represents the interests of scouts working around the globe.

Grant McKenzie

Grant McKenzie is a football writer and broadcaster. He cut his teeth with Dundee United in Scotland where he contributed both written and broadcast online media. Having began as an in-house club and newspaper match reporter, Grant has developed his skills and experience to include live audio and video production of professional football matches. A keen student of the game and its historical tactical development, Grant is notable as a high profile advocate of supporter involvement in the game. He has served as an elected director and latterly Chair of a leading club's supporters' society in his native Scotland. At Dundee United, Grant enjoyed a key role in representing the third largest shareholding group at the then Scottish Premier league club. Grant was also as an elected council member of a national supporters'body. Over the past year Grant has been a regular writer and host of podcasts for a football simulation game developer. Currently, Grant regularly broadcasts on live radio coverage of SPFL matches both as host and commentator. He is a founder member of How To Watch Football.

Srinivas Potluri

Based in New York City, and long-time student of the game, Srinivas Potluri is a programmer and fan of the beautiful game called soccer in his neck of woods. Srinivas designed and developed the How To Watch Football website and its associated applications. This is Srinivas’ second major football-based assignment. He previously created the website presence of a just launched football management simulation game, prior to becoming a founder of How To Watch Football. Srinivas’ footballing interests include the role of technology and statistics in football (specifically as they relate to player recruitment) and the historic development of football tactics and formations. An ardent fan of MLS and England’s Premier League, despite being our US correspondent, Srinivas reserves his greatest affection for his beloved Liverpool FC.